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    March 31, 2017





    (Script to Screen!)

    Today’s very special Thorne Street Parlour presentation is a filmed performance of THE THREAT OF SEX.

    We hope you will feel free, and encouraged, to engage interactively by taking photos, recording video, and sharing to our Facebook Wall. 

    The best of your collected work will be folded into our official performance recording, to be shared with you, and our ticket-holding audience, on May 19th at 7pm.

    We also welcome you to what we’d like to be a completely interactive theatrical experience.

    For instance… when the stage directions call for crowd participation, we trust you’ll insert noises, gasps, and the right words to help lift our scripted performance up into a singular experience shared by all.

    For your time and participation in today’s events, you will be paid in fun, and rewarded with equity in THE THREAT OF SEX LLC. However, we must receive your signed Participation Release to make it official.

    Thank you all, and welcome to the show!



    Written By

    * D.E. Garrett


    * Rebecca Aldana

    * Elizabeth Carlton Chase

    * Joshua Chase

    * Andrea Covell

    * Scott Deguzis

    * Rachel Emmers

    * Justin Harris

    * jj Jackman

    * Jessica James

    * Erik MacRay

    * Adam Mayfield

    * Kimberly Stanphill

    * Patti Stewart-May

    Videography & Sound Recording By

    * Joshua Chase

    * D.E. Garrett

    * Adam Pfleghaar


    * Angela Araujo

    * Lin Cher

    * Clay Cobb

    * Melissa Gearheart

    * Anthony Mauzy

    * Robert Taylor

    * Rose Torres

    * Ingrid Watson

    Produced By

    * D.E. Garrett  * Paige Harding * jj Jackman * Eric Magallon


    If you like what you experience today, join us.

    Be a mogul.  Make this movie!

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    50% of today’s advance ticket sales will go to support Thorne Street Parlour as a salon for emerging artists.