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Instead of paying to stream a movie you're making a movie. This ticket is your pass to see the world premiere of THE THREAT OF SEX. (A romantic comedy about equality, bank robbery, and the perils of workplace dating.)


Help us make a movie.

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This ticket gives you first in line access to casting and crew calls to be on camera in the movie. We're crowd funding our production fund and crowd sourcing our talent pool exclusively from our ticket holders and volunteers.


Help us make a movie.

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Being in a movie with your best friend standing next to you! You'll have two transferable tickets to make, watch, and become legends of the Silver Screen with. (Limited Edition: Only 360 available.)


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What Is Better Than Being In A Movie With Your Best Friend?

Being in a movie with your 3 best friends!!! They'll never forget the best gift you ever give them. A once in a lifetime chance to share a memory made forever. (Limited Edition: 256 available.)

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Help us make a movie.

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  • Start A Fire

    September 04, 2017

    OUR FIRST STORY: Rob kicks out the coals from the morning cook fire before following Nancy back to their car. A perilous tendril of smoke slowly begins to rise from vegetation which has been bone-dry for months.

    Soon, with the whooshing sound of the tiniest of vacuums being created, a flame springs into existence. It begins its race through a vast network of fueling stalks interconnected at millions of points.

    Before they can even make it out of the park, Rob and Nancy find themselves in a desperate race to flee their own soon-to-be horrible deaths as the wildfire rages around them through a forest bound in a cacophony of flame.

    Don’t be like Rob and Nancy. Be careful with your outdoor fires.


    OUR SECOND STORY: Edith shows Tom her newest internet find because Tom loves movies too. It’s a site with a series of teasers from an upcoming movie called THE THREAT OF SEX, it offers a free App, and every time someone buys a $5 ticket, the “Total Needed” number changes to show how much closer the film is to production.

    Tom thinks the free App is a great idea because he loves wisdom and quotes, and the App is filled with some of the smartest thoughts he’s ever read. Soon he lapses into silence as Edith chuckles out loud at the One Bird Mocking Mockery she’s reading.

    Consumed by sharing really smart ideas to his FB page, Tom’s amazed by how many of his friends like and share the App quotes he posts. Soon his friends also download the free App. Then they view the video teasers. From there they’re enticed down the path to making a movie by buying a $5 ticket. Suddenly, like a holocaust of burning embers swirling in a whirlwind of flames, THE THREAT OF SEX becomes a top-trending subject on social media, and 17,049 tickets are snapped up within 30 minutes of Edith showing her find to Tom.

    Edith and Tom started a fire using their mutual love of movies and smartness to make something they’ll now be proud of forever… while Rob and Nancy are dead.

    Which story would you rather live? Easy choice, right?

    Be a mogul. Buy a $5 ticket. Make a movie!

    ~ One Bird Mocking