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Help us make a movie.

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Help us make a movie.

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Being in a movie with your best friend standing next to you! You'll have two transferable tickets to make, watch, and become legends of the Silver Screen with. (Limited Edition: Only 360 available.)


Help us make a movie.

What Is Better Than Being In A Movie With Your Best Friend?

Being in a movie with your 3 best friends!!! They'll never forget the best gift you ever give them. A once in a lifetime chance to share a memory made forever. (Limited Edition: 256 available.)

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Help us make a movie.

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  • To Like, To Share, Perchance to Dream

    September 09, 2017

    The best artists usually make art for themselves.

    If other people like it, great.  If other people hate it, that’s great too.

    Who cares whether people like it, or hate it.  Art isn’t a popularity contest.

    Except when it is.

    Some art is so expensive to make that it simply cannot be brought into existence without a large enough audience to merit its expense.

    At One Bird Mocking we would love not to care whether you like, comment, or share our posts.

    However, the truth is we do care.  Because your likes, comments, and shares are the difference between us making a movie, and us not making a movie.

    While we want to be much, much cooler than we actually are, the hard reality of making THE THREAT OF SEX is that it will cost a lot of money.  Money we can’t raise unless we reach thousands of movie-loving audience members like yourself.

    To do that we need every “like” we can get from you.  Not just one.  Not just two.  Every time you see us in your feed, we’re figuratively breathless with hope you’ll give our movie-making dream the oxygen it needs by taking a second to feed this flame with a like, a share, or the comment it needs to thrive.

    Every time you like any of our posts, you exponentially raise the likelihood that we will be seen by a large enough audience to make this movie!

    Comments are even more important.

    When you comment on any of our posts, you activate the all-powerful algorithm that decides whether that post fizzles out into darkness, or reaches others with a dazzling kick of high-octane share juice.

    Your comment doesn’t even have to be relevant. You can write “I’m making a movie!” or “I just ate a bagel.” You could also write “Congratulations!”, which reportedly triggers the algorithm to give the post greater visibility. (We’re perfectly fine with being congratulated for no reason.)

    Social media don’t care.  And neither do we.  Comment your heart out.

    Clever or inane, when social platforms register a comment it sends us to the top of the charts, reaching beyond our all-important you and into the stratosphere where enough eyeballs may see our spark and flame to lift us into the movie-making heavens.  An expert [read: some post we found after a Google search] estimates a single FB comment is worth approximately 7 likes.

    Shares are the most important of all.  A Facebook share is our Holy Grail.

    When you share one of our posts with your own friends, it’s like saying “Hey, One Bird Mocking is doing something original/clever/funny/brilliant & interesting, pay attention to them!”

    To recognize the power of your likes, comments, and shares we want to reward you by giving you the credit you’re due.  And we mean that literally.

    So, for every 1,000 likes One Bird Mocking receives, one of you will be selected at random to be thanked in the end credits of our movie THE THREAT OF SEX.   Think of it.  Your name will be seen throughout all eternity… or at least for as long as humans are around to watch movie credits.

    For every 500 comments posted, one lucky person will get both their name AND their comment in our credits.

    And for those of you who share our posts, 1 out of every 100 will be immortalized on our credit roll.

    Kindness doesn’t come naturally.

    It’s much easier to be indifferent, because indifference requires no effort at all.

    Kindness takes effort.

    With effort we owe you a reward.

    Like us, comment on our posts, share us.

    Make our dream yours and we’ll make your dream part of ours.

    Don’t sleep through our posts, activate on them, take a leap with us, and see what happens when our dreams take flight.

    Because every time you like us, every time you post a comment, or share us, you have pushed us closer and closer into that territory where we can all see what our collected dreams may become.

    “To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub.”

    Be a mogul.

    Make a movie.

    ~ One Bird Mocking