Help us make a movie.

You are about to make a movie!

You're making this movie. At this level your ticket is your pass to see the world premiere of the movie you're getting made.


Help us make a movie.

Ready for your close up?

At this level you'll get one pass to see our world premiere, one invite to set, and the chance to be on camera for your movie moment.


Help us make a movie.

What is better than one ticket to be in a movie?

Two tickets! To see our world premiere, two invites to set, and the once in a lifetime chance to share a scene with your plus one. (Limited Edition: Only 360 of these available.)


Help us make a movie.

What is better than two tickets to be in a movie?

Bumper Stickers!!! Plus of course four tickets to be in a movie! 4 tickets to see the world premiere, 4 invites to set and the once in a lifetime chance to share your scene with your 3 best friends. (Limited Edition: 256 available.)

TOTAL $100

Help us make a movie.

With great risk comes great rewards.

At $1000, you and your guests to set will be forever immortalized in the credits of our film! (We promise to spell your names correctly.) You’ll also get all the rewards from the previous tiers, plus a signed copy of our shooting script. (Limited Edition: Only 62 available.)

TOTAL $1000


  • Smart, Simple, and Cheap

    September 05, 2017

    Why are movies so expensive to make?

    According to the Showbiz Labor Guide (the industry standard), our movie will cost approximately half a million dollars to produce.

    Once made, a standard marketing campaign might cost upwards of $90,000 before it’s then released.

    This seemed crazy to us.

    As you read in Blood, Sweat, And Equity, we realized we could drastically cut our production costs to $85,244 by paying actors and crew for their work with ownership instead of in cash. We also realized something else…

    Why pay $90,000 to build an audience when the movie is only going to cost $85,244? Why not build our audience in the very process of making our movie?

    What if we were to show the same advertising teasers a million dollar movie would, but what if each ticket purchase for our movie, actually made the movie you’re about to see?

    Either way, the risk to you is the same.  You have to pay before you can see a movie, but when you buy a ticket to THE THREAT OF SEX, you’ll actually be making a movie!

    Doesn’t that sound much cooler than paying a premium for a movie that’d already be made with or without you?

    Without you, we can’t make this movie, but with you, we can.

    Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that so far, our plan to make a big movie on a tiny budget is on track and ahead of schedule.

    Thanks to audience members like you, we’ve now sold 1,514 $5 tickets with only 15,534 left to go before you’ll have made your first-ever feature film!

    Who will be the next person to buy a ticket to make this movie?

    Who will be ticket number 1,515?

    Who will be ticket number 5,115?

    Who will get the last ticket that begins production?

    Every ticket is uniquely important, because every ticket bought makes a movie that wouldn’t, that couldn’t, exist without you.

    Who knew movie-making could be so smart, simple, and cheap, that anyone can do it?

    All you have to do is buy a ticket!

    Be a mogul.

    Make a movie!

    ~ One Bird Mocking