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  • Oversexed And Underloved

    September 06, 2017

    Sex, sex, sex…

    Clickbait on the newsstand, violence in the streets, and an exhausted digital wailing spits points of light to our retinas out of tiny handheld screens filled with empty stories offering us characters reveling in the empty discordant chase of self-abasement.

    Depraved vanity plays, titillations, desperations, fears, and an unspoken empty twinge in our guts gives light to the false promises of a soulless plot that breathes life into the lie that if we just succumb to carnal desire, we might achieve some kind of sexual ecstasy that will pay the price the pleasure chase demands.

    This is what our culture shows us over, and over, and over, in movie after movie.

    Is it to actively desensitize us, or is it just the best way to get us to spend money on jeans, cosmetics, and cars?

    Yet the sad parade of lasciviousness stretches in front of us, no end to the offering of listless desires, trembling, unformed, and ambling across the remnants of a culture which used to uphold virtue as the only path to the life worth living.  To a life guided by the search for love over lust.

    Where is the radiating love which, centered inward, expands past and overwhelms what we lack in order to widen our eyes, open our hearts, and moderately enjoy sensual delights we must constantly struggle not to be consumed by?

    Where is the warmth of a confidence earned through a centered soul which, though prone to perceptual errors, can always clarify itself by training its focus at the radiating light of virtues that emanate from the divine light of life itself?

    Has it been cloaked and chained into service for on-air hypocrites who promise us nourishment as they peddle only pleasure, comfort, and dead- eyed safety over the empty static of commercial breaks?

    Where is the media which uplifts our perceptions as we work our way down paths which, though difficult and uncertain, are no less filled with wonders and awe?

    At One Bird Mocking, we’re making a movie to reaffirm that the right way to fall in love isn’t to be found after our characters fall into bed.

    The right way doesn’t start with alcohol, drugs, or one night stands.

    The right way comes through time, trial, and tribulation well before lips ever meet in hungry desire.

    The right way comes before the clothes hit the floor.  The right way is the well-tested way, as two souls first face love’s costs, its sparks, and its trials to determine if the heart of an initially unknowable partner is worth the perils of intimacy before any buttons become unbuttoned, or zippers unzipped.

    For a successful courtship, the first thing to be made naked must be the soul.

    Physical attraction may lead to deeper love, but it’s also often a lure which can dash us upon the rocks of a partner too consumed with shallows to travel with over the deep oceans of life.

    Our movie (which you can make) will delight and entertain its audience by illuminating the virtues of love, guided by a wise heart over the quickened pulse.

    If you want to see more stories like ours, you can’t just lay back and hope for them to come to you like a one night stand.  You have to make them.  And you can start making them by joining us in making our film THE THREAT OF SEX.

    Show our next generation the virtues which uphold life, instead of paying your entertainment money out into a media system of degeneracy which discounts it.

    Every ticket goes untouched into our production fund to make a genuinely charming romantic comedy about equality, bank robbery, and the perils of workplace dating.

    Help us fight to overturn our current culture, and return it to one which uplifts the values which help create the best of what we can be together.

    One which starts with the head, proceeds to the heart, and finally consummates itself in a bliss which lingers and grows deeper with time.

    Not one which has to hastily gather its clothes as it runs for the door before responsibility wakes up wanting breakfast, or for a Lyft to be summoned for its long lonely ride home.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Be a mogul.

    Make a movie.

    ~ One Bird Mocking