Help us make a movie.

You are about to make a movie!

This advance ticket guarantees you your virtual seat in our THE THREAT OF SEX premiere audience. You get to see a movie for only $5; we get $5 closer to making a movie. It’s a classic win-win and the bragging rights go to you! Be a mogul. Make a movie.


Help us make a movie.

Has anyone ever told you how generous and attractive you are?

At this level you get your advance ticket AND a sneak peek at our pre-production work for one of the scenes from the film. This pre-vis PDF includes a script excerpt, the director\'s hand-crafted storyboards, and a breakdown of the production elements your ticket just helped us purchase. You really are a mogul and you really are making this movie.


Help us make a movie.

Wow! We would totally date you. Really.

At this ticket level, you’ll get your virtual ticket, the pre-vis PDF, and two shiny vinyl bumper stickers. (Slap the extra sticker on a stranger’s car, they’ll love it!)


Help us make a movie.

Is it too soon to say we love you?

At this level you’re making a tremendous contribution towards bringing our film to life. This tier purchases your virtual ticket, the pre-vis PDF, two bumper stickers, and a PDF of the entire THE THREAT OF SEX screenplay. Read it, memorize it, act it out in your dining room, and audition for your favorite part by sending us a YouTube link — but whatever you do, know that you just fed our cast and crew one of the 84 meals we needed to serve them during principal photography for the film. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Help us make a movie.

Our children will be smart and beautiful.

We’re all honestly overwhelmed with gratitude at your triple-figure contribution! To show you how important this purchase is to the success of our project, you’ll get your advance ticket, the pre-vis PDF, two bumper stickers, the screenplay PDF, your very own THE THREAT OF SEX dvd, and something special: a personal video greeting shot on set, just for you.

TOTAL $100

Help us make a movie.

With great risk comes great rewards.

At $1000, you will be forever immortalized in the credits of our film! (We promise to spell your name correctly.) You’ll also get all the rewards from the previous tiers, plus something special: the option to join us as an invested shareholder in THE THREAT OF SEX LLC. We can’t guarantee you dividends, but we can guarantee you the satisfaction of knowing you just made a movie.

TOTAL $1000


  • Make A Movie

    May 08, 2017


    We’re making a movie!


    “How can I help?” you scream enthusiastically, ripping out your credit card.


    Whoa, wait a second, we reply (pocketing your card for later). At least let us tell you about the movie first!


    It’s called THE THREAT OF SEX.  It’s set in and around a feminist organization, and it’s a delightfully quirky comedy about equality, bank robbery, and the perils of workplace dating.  Imagine it as a giddy 90-minute ride alongside bickering criminals, hapless cops, handcuffed coworkers, and a live jaguar, with a few random acts of feminine terrorism thrown in to keep it interesting.


    Despite the title, this is the rare movie you’ll be able to watch with your grandma or teenage children without cringing.  Why?  Because we take the best part of the past and the greatest part of the future to turn out a romantic comedy that’s lightning-fast, full of whip-smart dialogue, and focused on the search for love over sex.


    We want to make a movie for you with such heart, class, and incandescent beauty that it looks like it was made for millions.


    Hard part is, we don’t have millions. We’re just a tiny little start-up, and like most start-ups, we’re running on dream fumes.


    Dream fumes have gotten us a terrific script, a brilliant cinematographer, amazing actors, and some glorious promotional footage. But dreams won’t pay for location permits, sound equipment, or jaguar kibble.


    Which is why we want you to be our movie mogul.


    “Me?” you say. “But I’m no Louis B. Mayer. How could I be a movie mogul?”


    We’re glad you asked.


    It’s easy, it only takes 5 bucks, and you’ll be a mogul — because you’ll have given us the green light to begin production.


    Take a small leap of faith with us and buy a $5 advance ticket to the movie we’ll make together.  Once we rack up enough $5 ticket sales, we’ll have enough cash to cover the costs of bringing this movie to life. $5 here, $5 there, $5 from everywhere, and voila! A fully-funded movie.


    Look around at our site.  (You might as well since you’re already here.)  Watch some of our teasers.  Can you guess what our budget was?  It was ZERO.  Now imagine what we could do with a little push from you!


    Buy a ticket and you’ll not only get to see this movie, you’ll forever know you made this movie!


    Be a mogul.  Make a movie.


    One Bird Mocking