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Help us make a movie.

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Help us make a movie.

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Help us make a movie.

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TOTAL $1000


  • Light As A Feather We Can Fly Together

    January 29, 2017

    Who as a child didn’t try to escape the surly bonds of gravity by tugging relentlessly on shoelaces too frail, or by leaping from heights too high, in the ever-vain attempt at achieving the magic of unpowered flight?

    This human yearning to levitate up, up, and away from our daily struggles with the grounded world has made the game “Light As A Feather” a popular parlor trick at slumber parties throughout the world.

    The essence of the game is for one person to lie on their back, arms crossed and stiff as a board, while four willing assistants work in concert using only their index and middle fingers to levitate the person in the middle up, up, and into the air.

    This cohesion of force and focus magically lifts and levitates each person in the room, one by one, off the floor.  (That is, it lifts those players not incapacitated by fits of hysterical giggling, as strange fingers clutch, and carry them, upwards.)

    Many will say there’s nothing magical about the game at all, but we beg to differ.

    We know that few things are more magical than a group of people working together to accomplish what would be impossible alone.

    This is the very real, very human magic that developed powered flight across rocky continents and over endless oceans of blue.  It’s the magic that built the pyramids, unleashed the atom, and elevated us all from the dirt and trees into towers of stone and steel.

    In fact, group cooperation towards a common goal is magic so profound it’s conquered countries, mapped the boundaries of space, and created libraries filled with thoughts so profound they echo through the ages.

    Want to help us make our magic?

    Use your two fingers to buy a $5 advance ticket. Lift the weight of an entire feature film production up, up, up, so each of us as birds of a feather can fly together.

    Buy a ticket.  Make a movie with us.  And we’ll devote your focus and force to become light as a feather, to rent the equipment, locations, and props we need to make something supernatural, something magical, something to break the surly bonds.

    Be a mogul.  Make a movie.

    ~ One Bird Mocking